About PST File Size Limit An Easy Way to Reduce PST File Size

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Published: 22nd November 2010
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Outlook Universally Uses PST for Data Storage: All versions of Outlook email application makes use of PST (Personal Folder) files for storing the email data including the mail messages, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, journals, notes, appointments and other mailbox data.

Two Types of PSTs: Though, all Outlook versions seem to use same kind of files i.e. the PSTs, but the factual difference lies in the PST file format in older and newer Outlook version. Mainly, there are two different formats in PST; one is the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) PST and other is the Unicode PST (which is the standard format presenting almost all types of characters).

Difference between ANSI and Unicode PST File Size Limit: ANSI and Unicode PSTs are distinct from each other with respect to their maximum file size storage space limitation, which is 2 GB in ANSI (older Outlook versions, 2000/2002) as against 20 GB in Unicode PST (newer Outlook versions 2003/2007).

Microsoft Outlook ANSI PST File

Used In: Microsoft Outlook 97-2002

Max File Size Limit: Only 2 GB

Flexibility in File Size: Hard-core limit, which cannot be configured

Microsoft Outlook Unicode PST File

Used In: Used in MS Outlook 2003 except in IMAP4 and HTTP accounts, and used in MS Outlook 2007

Max File Size Limit: Default value is up to 20 GB

Flexibility in File Size: Possible to configure using registry editing

Issues That Arise Due to Large PST File Size: The issues due to large file size occur both with ANSI and Unicode. The issues may be different in both of them but botheration that occurs due to them can be equally problematic for you. PST files with considerably large size are prone to several issues, some of which are mentioned below:

Corruption susceptibility (especially with ANSI PST)

Outlook performance issues

PST data management problems

Workable Ways to Reduce PST File Size: Following are some workable ways that will help you reduce PST file size in case of PST file size not reducing issue:

Always delete unnecessary emails from time to time

Do compact PST

Archive old emails (Also recommended to use Auto-archive feature)

Split PST when PST File Size Not Changing: In the Outlook PST file size not reducing issue, the best way to get it done is to split large sized PST file into smaller PSTs using third-party applications, which are exclusively designed for this purpose like PCVITA Split Magic software. This HYPERLINK "http://www.pstsplit.org/" PST Split software supports MS Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. So, you can use the HYPERLINK "http://www.splitpstfile.org/" split PST tool to reduce PST file size in Outlook 2000; to reduce PST file size in Outlook 2003, and even to reduce PST file size in Outlook 2007.

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